Wanessa Celebrates Gay Unions With A George Michael Cover

Singer Wanessa celebrated the recent approval of homosexual stable unions by the Supreme Court with a rendition of George Michael's Freedom during her concert at The Week in São Paulo this past weekend. Yes, she does need a new (and more original) stylist asap, but we love her for being so outspoken about her support for gay rights.

Watch her perform her latest hit Stuck On Repeat at the opening of the show after the jump.

On Her Way To Becoming A Gay Diva

Brazilian pop singer-turned dance diva Wanessa steps up her game by hiring Dave Audé to remix her new single Stuck On Repeat.

Let's Club In Brasília Celebrates Its First Anniversary



The boys of Let's Club in Brasília put together a major bash at Blue Space this past weekend to celebrate the party's first anniversary. Singer (and soon-to-be Brazilian gay diva) Wanessa performed on Friday night, and on Saturday night thirteen of the best shows performed at the party during its first year took the stage again.

View more pictures of the parties and watch videos of the performances after the jump.

Is Brazilian Singer Wanessa Worth It?

I think the idea was to go Gaga on the video, but the end result is very Thalia, which is certainly not a bad thing considering we are in Latin America. I'd say though that it may be time for a new stylist, new choreographer, and more shirtless back up dancers.

Going For The Gays

Brazilian singer Wanessa performed for a crowd of 8,000 shirtless men this past Sunday at The Week's first ever Acquaplay party at a water park in São Paulo. She will be taking her new Worth It concert to The Week in Rio this coming Friday.

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