A Preview Of Mario Testino's Issue Of Vogue Brazil




What would be of a Mario Testino story in Brazil without Diego Cristo, Cauã Reymond, and Rômulo Arantes in nothing but swimsuits? Gotta love Mario not only for shooting an entire issue of Vogue Brazil with Kate Moss, but for also making sure there were enough half-naked boys in the editorial.

Fyi, Cauã Reymond's name is misspelled on the magazine.

Testino, We Absolutely Love You For This

Here is a sneak peek at the cover of the much anticipated May issue of Vogue Brazil, edited and photographed entirely by Mario Testino, with nothing but a very naked Kate Moss, making this her third Vogue cover this month.


It seems like all of my complaints about Vogue Brazil will be redeemed in one single issue. Thank you Mario Testino. Cannot wait to get a copy and see what's inside.

Cosmo Or Vogue?


If that were the April cover of Cosmopolitan and not Vogue Brazil, it might have worked. As a Vogue Brazil cover, the only thing that works is the choice of model. Love seeing Aline Weber on the cover, especially after the great season she had.

Just When I Thought Vogue Brazil Was Starting To Get It Right

Vogue Brazil has done many scary things in the past few years, but the fashion story in the current March issue may have just topped all previous atrocities printed in the magazine.

The cover of the issue with Freja Beha photographed by Henrique Gendre looked promising, but the fashion story that accompanies it is just wrong on every level. The concept (or lack there of) is an editorial previously published in British Vogue shot by Patrick Demarchelier paired with awful pictures of Princess Paola de Orleans e Bragança shot by newcomer Renam Christofoletti. Can someone please tell me what the connection is between the two images that have been paired?





If I were Mr. Demarchelier, I would honestly never allow one of my stories to run in Vogue Brazil again after seeing that. One thing would be to run pictures by Demarchelier next to pictures by Arthur Elgort, but running his pictures next to what is probably the worst work I have seen from Renam Christofoletti is a bit of an insult. And btw, each page has the photographer's name written on the corner as if it isn't obvious which pictures are by Demarchelier. Even my dog can tell the difference.

If there is a positive side to it, though, is that it clearly shows the contrast between the quality of work produced by British Vogue and the work produced by Vogue Brazil. And a tip to the editors, publishing mediocre work next to good work only makes it look even more mediocre.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Freja And A Little Leopard


There may be hope for Vogue Brazil after all: the cover of the March issue with Freja Beha photographed by Henrique Gendre looks pretty good (and it actually looks even better on newsstands since the neon orange title doesn't read well on a scanner). Now if only the magazine would hire a new art director to get rid off that awful typography on the cover.

Seriously wondering if I should pick up a copy to see if the editorial content has improved, or if I should just wait for the May issue with Kate Moss shot by Mario Testino to be pleasantly surprised.

Kate Moss And Mario Testino Are Shooting In Rio



Kate Moss and Mario Testino were spotted in Ipanema yesterday shooting a story for the anniversary issue of Vogue Brazil, which is rumored to have Testino on board as guest editor ,and feature several Brazilian celebrities.

Kate Moss will be working with Mario Testino in Rio all week, shooting today at samba school Vila Isabel.

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