Directly From The Philippines


Walisson Ramos photographed by Adrian Atjuba. View more pictures after the jump.

Too Cute For Monday: Carlos Ferreira


18-year-old newcomer Carlos Ferreira represented by Ünique in Brasília. View more pictures after the jump.

10 Backstage Pictures Of An Underwear Fashion Show


Made In Brazil has backstage pictures of the boys at the UW underwear show last Friday in Brasília.

To Get You Through The Weekend: Marcílio Lobo


So glad he is letting his beard grow back. View more exclusive new pictures of Marcílio Lobo after the jump.

Better With Facial Hair


I really liked how rugged model Marcílio Lobo looked with his beard, so I am surprised that his agency asked him to shave for some new pictures for his book. He is just way more interesting and unique with facial hair.

View new pictures of Marcílio clean shaven after the jump.

Polas With A Sense Of Humor


Say hello to 19-year-old newcomer Pedro Albuquerque, with Ünique in Brasília.

View more polas after the jump.

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