Volleyball Players Unite Against Prejudice



A week after volleyball player Michael Pinto dos Santos was harrassed at a match by an entire arena and  decided to publicly came out of the closet to speak against homophobia in sports, his team Vôlei Futuro backed his decision to come out by putting together a demonstration against prejudice. With pink balloons waving all over the arena, a massive flag with a message against prejudice, and even rainbow colored uniforms, Vôlei Futuro made history this past Saturday in the fight against homophobia in Brazil.

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A National Athlete We Should Really Be Proud Of

Brazilian volleyball player Michael made headlines this week for publicly coming out and speaking against homophobia after being harrassed and called "fag" by an entire arena at a match in Contagem last Friday.

People see Brazil as a very liberal and sexual country, but when it comes to openly gay athletes and celebrities we are decades behind, which is why I wanted to thank Michael for having the courage to come out and speak about harrassment in sports in national television this week. We don't have an Ellen, we don't have a Neil Patrick Harris, and we have never even had a gay kiss on national television in Brazil, but if more actors and athletes who are in the spotlight were brave enough to do what Michael did this week, I am certain that they would have a huge impact on the lives of many lesbian and gay people in this country, and stop incidents like last Friday's from happening again.

Michael's coming out was fully supported by his team.

Working Out With Model Renato Ferreira

That would have been a lot more motivational if he had done it shirtless, no? Just something to consider for the next one.

Presenting The Logo For The 2016 Olympics In Rio

The video introducing the logo for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio is truly sensational, and I highly recommend that you watch it. Already makes me think of all the amazing images that photographers will be able to capture during the games in the city.

Congratulations To Marcelo Chierighini And The Brazilian Swimmers


I am very excited that Marcelo Chierighini, one of the four swimmers photographed by Cristiano Madureira for the second issue of Made In Brazil Magazine, won his first medal ever in a world swimming championship today. Along with Cesar Cielo, Nicholas Santos, and Nicolas Oliveira, Marcelo took home the bronze medal in the 4x100m men's relay in Dubai. The medal is also Brazil's first in this world champsionship.

View pictures of Marcelo Chierighini in the second issue of the magazine after the jump.

Destroy And Create



From today until September 3, Matilha Cultural in São Paulo will hosting Destroy And Create, and exhibition presented by Adidas Skateboarding and developed by Vista Skateboard Art, about the relationship between skateboarding the and the architecture of the city. If you are a fan of skateboard art, make sure to check it out.

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