Soap Watch: A Hot Lesbian Coming Out

Stela, the character played by actress Paula Burlamaqui on the primetime soap A Favorita, came out to her best friend on Tuesday night. The scene was most likely one of the best coming out scenes (if not the best) ever broadcast on Brazilian television. In it, Stela opens up to her new best friend after her ex lesbian lover had just passed away of cancer. Her friend Catarina is surprised that a feminine (and hot) woman like Stela is actually a lesbian, but Stela tells her that there are no set rules for that, and that two women can love one another. It was honest, and certainly the best way to portray an unexpected coming out to a Brazilian audience.

The Hot Mutants Are Back

Record network was so successful with its corny soap about genetically-engineered Brazilians Caminhos do Coração that it is following it up with a sequel properly entitled Os Mutantes (or The Mutants). The cheap visual effects and the super camp storyline inspired by X-Men and Heroes are not the only reason to tune in. To guarantee high ratings, Record also put together one of the hottest male casts on Brazilian television, with the likes of Romulo Arantes, Thiago Gagliasso, Jonathan Haagensen, and Felipe Folgosi.

Shirtless vampires and werewolves? Sign me up. Os Mutantes debuts tonight in Brazil.

Two Good Things About Telenovelas

Primetime soap Duas Caras comes to an end tonight. It was probably one of the worst telenovelas in Brazilian TV history, but fortunately its cast was pretty easy on the eye.

Two of the cutest actors in Duas Caras posed shirtless for two different publications this month: Alexandre Slaviero is on TPM, while breakout hunk Julio Rocha is on Lounge magazine.



More pictures of both of them after the jump.

A Semana: The Gay Kiss Controversy, New Clubs, Cyndi Lauper, VMan, And Fashion Week

After much controversy in the past few weeks, it was confirmed that the gay kiss which was supposed to air at the last episode of soap Duas Caras was not even taped as a back up plan. This is the second time Globo axed a kiss between two men on the final episode of a soap. The first time was back in 2005 on the soap America.

Two new gay nightclubs are opening in São Paulo right after Pride: Just will be a smaller venue for 400 people, while Shoock Disco Lounge will be more like the recently shut down Bubu, with the capacity for 1,200 people. Both clubs open Friday of next week.

The smoke ban in Rio starts this Saturday. After that, smoking will no longer be allowed on closed spaces. I hope the ban is effective and that the same measure is adopted in São Paulo immediately.

Cyndi Lauper will be hitting five Brazilian cities on her new tour. She will play Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, Rio, Curitiba, and Porto Alegre by mid November.

American Idol winner David Cook set a record today for debut entries on the Billboard Hot 100 with 11 titles entering the chart. His original recording The Time of My Life, entered the Hot 100 on the third slot, and topped the Hot Digital Songs chart with 236,000 downloads.

The winner of the 2008 VMan Ford Models search has been announced, and it is Petey. He and two runners-up have been shot by Hedi Slimane for VMan 12.

This is what the future of Lacoste looks like.

Is Ms. Tyra Banks following the footsteps of Martha and Oprah?

Fashion Rio and São Paulo Fashion week have released the line up for the spring shows this June. The biggest news is the first Rosa Cha menswear show, which I can't wait for. Rumor has it that Agyness Deyn may also show up. The complete schedule of Brazilian shows is after the jump.

A Semana: Romulo Arantes, Gays On TV, And São Paulo Gay Pride

Actor Romulo Arantes Neto made headlines this weekend for stating that "transvestites are not happy people" when asked about the scandal involving soccer star Ronaldo on an interview to Folha de São Paulo. Knowing Romulo, I am fairly certain that the sad statement was taken out of context, and that he did not mean it as it was printed, especially considering he just posed for the cover of gay magazine Junior. Btw, I have just heard that he will play a mutant on the campy soap Caminhos do Coração.

Two weeks after he was caught with three trannies in a motel room, Ronaldo found out his now ex-girlfriend is pregnant with his child. That is what I call bad timing.

A very pregnant Camila Alves spent mother's day with bf Matthew McConaughey in LA.

Shia LaBeouf does drag and takes his pants off on SNL.

Globo networks announced that it will again veto the gay kiss screenwriter Aguinaldo Silva wrote for the last episode of soap Duas Caras. To justify the veto, Globo claimed that a televised gay kiss does not fit the quality standards of the network.

Watch the commitment ceremony featured last night on Brothers & Sisters, which is a perfect example of what Brazilian TV should be doing.

Patrick Dempsey scores the cover of the latest Men's Vogue.

Nightclub Megga Fun, which had recently opened in São Paulo, was shut down over the weekend. I wonder if DJ Hex Hector, who was scheduled to spin at the club, will now be playing at a different venue for Pride.

The Week's owner Andre Almada will be releasing a guide about proper nightlife etiquette.

The São Paulo Gay Pride Association is working with the military police to guarantee that there will be a large improvement on security this year for the parade on Avenida Paulista. Still I would highly suggest keeping all your belongings neatly tucked inside your underwear if you are going to be attending. About 3.5 million are expected again.

Too Cute For Monday: Caio Castro



His curly hair, surfer physique, and recent television debut on the cast of the teen soap Malhação, have the Brazilian media calling him the new Cauã Reymond. Whether that proves to be true or not, the fact is that Caio is only 19, and beat 25 thousand other boys to land a role on television. Visit Ego for more pictures.

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