Isabeli Fontana For C&A, Gisele, Evandro, And The New A&F Quarterly

  • Isabeli Fontana is cashing in with a line of clothes, accessories, and lingerie, developed in partnership with mass retailer C&A in Brazil. The collection is already in stores.
  • Gisele Bündchen is turning 30 today, and you can leave a message for her on her official website. To view pictures of her in the new Roberto Cavalli fall 2010 ad campaign, head over to Fashiontography.
  • Evandro Soldati hits the pool in the August issue of German GQ.
  • Brazilian transgender Lea T., the face of Givenchy for fall, poses naked for Vogue Paris. (nsfw)
  • Alejandro meets Holiday.
  • A video teaser for 2(x)ist with André Ziehe.
  • New pictures of newcomer Samuel Salvio.
  • Alicia Kuczman in the new edition of U+Mag.
  • A super hot look into the new A&F Quarterly, which I seriously can't wait to get my hands on.
  • The remake of the 80s soap Ti Ti Ti premiered last night. Click here to watch the scene featuring the gay couple played by André Arteche and Gustavo Leão.

Too Hot For Monday: Cauã Reymond And Kayky Brito



The new prime time soap Passione premieres tonight. The pictures above of Cauã Reymond and Kayky Brito shooting the soap in São Paulo over the weekend should be reason enough to tune in.

Another Gay Couple On Brazilian TV


I am happy to report that Made In Brazil regular André Arteche (you know, the actor we totally stalked during the summer) and actor Gustavo Leão will play a gay couple in the remake of the soap Ti Ti Ti.

(Image Source: Quem)

Cauã Reymond Shaving His Legs On Video


Made In Brazil regulars Cauã Reymond and Kayky Brito will play professional cyclists in the upcoming soap Passione. Watch a video of the two of them in their dressing room after the jump.

Cauã Reymond, Isabeli Fontanta, And The Top 10 Fashion Capitals

Primetime Soap "A Favorita" Gets My Gay Vote

Globo networks may have never aired a gay kiss in one of its soaps, but it deserves some credit for the work its current primetime soap A Favorita is doing in terms of educating the Brazilian population about homosexuality.

In this past Saturday's episode, one of the characters defended a lesbian chef who had just been outed and had her restaurant boycotted by the people of the small fictitious town of Triunfo. I took the time to translate the scene.

"Is Stela (the lesbian character) a criminal? Doesn't she pay her taxes just like the rest of us? She actually does more than most of us. She came to this town, opened a restaurant, and hired several people, generating revenue. ...So if no one has anything against her personally, why choose to boycott her restaurant?"

When a religious town lady answers that Stela is a pervert and sets a bad example for the community, the reply is: "Why? Because she likes women? Is that some sort of flaw? A crime? Cheating on your husband, cheating on your wife, stealing, selling alcohol to minors, and gossiping, you are all okay with that; but love, and falling in love with someone of your same sex, that is something you cannot cope with."

It may not have the same impact when translated, but it was the most honest and important pro-gay speech I have seen in a national soap. I hope it will resonate with viewers across the country.

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