Presenting The Logo For The 2016 Olympics In Rio

The video introducing the logo for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio is truly sensational, and I highly recommend that you watch it. Already makes me think of all the amazing images that photographers will be able to capture during the games in the city.

Fortunately There Are Still Seven Years Left Until The 2016 Olympics

As much as I prefer to report on the pretty things about Brazil, I just could not avoid to mention the war between two rival drug gangs which erupted over the weekend in Rio. A police helicopter was shot and brought down, and several people were killed in this latest confrontation between the police and drug gangs.

Can we start a campaign to get Rudolph Giuliani down to Rio de Janeiro asap?

Read more about the incident at AFP.

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What a great day for Brazil. I must confess I was a bit skeptical about Rio winning the bid for the 2016 Olympics because of the issues related with crime and violence, but I am beyond thrilled with today's announcement that the city won the bid. It is going to be freaking amazing.

View more pictures of the celebration at the beach in Copacabana at UOL Esportes, Globo Esporte, and BBC. Watch the video of the announcement after the jump.

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