Speedo Break


Actor Reynaldo Gianecchini in Barra da Tijuca yesterday.

Angels In Rio



Actors Pedro Neschling, Sérgio Marone, and Reynaldo Gianecchini have all recently posed with angel wings in different favelas in Rio for a secret angel project. I already cannot wait to see who else will be involved and what the end result will look like. Love an angel with a six-pack and a wet t-shirt.

The Making Of The Colcci Ad Campaign With Gisele And Gianecchini

You sort of wonder at what point all the sexiness in the video and all the fake sweat in Reynaldo Gianecchini's arms turned into one of the worst ad campaigns of the season in Brazil.

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Gisele And Gianecchini For Colcci




I love Gisele and I also have a soft spot for Reynaod Gianecchini, but I am beyond underwhelmed with their new ad campaign for Colcci photographed by Gui Paganini. Most of the spring ad campaigns in Brazil haven't been unveiled yet, but this one sure is a strong contestant for lack of concept and beauty artist on crack (who in their right mind would throw a bucket of baby oil on Gisele's head?). When even Gisele looks uninteresting in a picture, you know there is a massive problem with it.

PS- What happened to hiring David Sims to shoot the campaign again this season?

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