New Year's Roundup, Lea T., Tom Ford, And New Mixes To Download

New Year's At Buati In Rio In 10 Pictures




I wasn't in Rio for new year's, but if I had been there this year the Buati party at Erotika on December 29 is certainly the one party I would not have missed. I haven't heard from my friends who were there, but I am pretty sure it was packed as usual. Check out more pictures of the party after the jump.

Stalking Rodrigo Santoro


At Cafe de la Musique in Florianópolis for new year's eve.

Happy New Year! Feliz Ano Novo!


Posting has been a little slow this week since I am away on vacation, but I wanted to take the time to wish you all a happy new year, and to thank you for making this such a great year for me in terms of work. We started 2010 shooting what became the first issue of Made In Brazil Magazine, and if it weren't for your support and for all of you who purchased a copy of that issue, we would have not had the chance to do it again, and to be working on the third one already. I am very blessed that I get to do a work I love every day, and cannot thank you enough for allowing me to do it.

We are already developing lots of new features for Made In Brazil for 2011, and will also be debuting a brand new design very soon, taking all your comments this of past year into consideration.

If you happen to be in Brazil, remember to wear white tonight. Have a great new year!

Hightlights Of 2010, Made In Brazil Magazine, And NYE In Brazil

Made In Brazil's 2010 Guide To New Year's In Rio And Floripa

If you are escaping the cold weather in the Northern hemisphere and flying down to Brazil this week for new year's, here is Made In Brazil's annual party guide to keep you entertained.

Rio, Wednesday, December 29:
IMG_1820Buati Special Edition at Erótika with DJs Gustavo MM, Leiloca Pantoja, Pedro Zopelar, and Gustavo Tatá.
Maxima Reveillon 2011 at Armação Ação da Cidadania with DJs Phil Romano, Enrico Arghentini, Rafael Calvente, and Karinee.

Rio, Thursday, December 30:
I ♥ Pop at Club ON11 with DJs José Camarano and Pedro Beck.
R:EVOLUTION at Armazém 2 - Pier Stage with DJs Dave & Gerardo, Thierry, R. Moraes, and Felipe Lira.

Rio, Friday, December 31:
Spirit of Star - Reveillon 2011 at The Week Rio with DJs Chris Cox, Aurel Devil, Gustavo Junior, Jeff Valle, and Edu Quintas, and a special performance by singer Lorena Simpson.

Rio, Saturday, January 1:
The Original Brazilian Pool Party at Clube Internacional Regatas with DJs Bryan Reyes, Andre Mello, Thierry, R. Moraes, and Felipe Lira.
Cosmopolitan at The Week Rio with DJs Peter Rauhofer, Gustavo Junior, Jeff Valle, Flavio Lima, and Ana Flor.

Rio, Saturday, January 2:
Maxima Pool Party at Rio Ativa Esportes with DJs Phil Romano, Enrico Arghentini, Henrique Pozas, Karinee, André Garça, Robix, Rafael Calvente, and Mauro Mozart. Starting at 10 am.

Florianópolis, Wednesday, December 29:
White Sensations at Concorde Club with DJ Paulo Ciotti and a special performance by singer Amannda.
Deleite at Espaço Cinema Corporate Park with DJs Nacho Chapado,Patrício, and Mauro Mozart.

Florianópolis, Thursday, December 30:
E.Joy at Alameda Casa Rosa with DJs Steven Redant, Gux, and Douglas Penido.
Pré-Reveillon Perversion Party (girls night) at Concorde Club with DJs Morango, Chin, and Paty Laus.

Florianópolis, Friday, December 31:
E.Joy at Lagoa Iate Clube with DJs Marco da Silva, Felipe Lira, Rodolfo Bravat, and Ale Bittencourt.
Reveillon Concorde at Floripa Music Hall with DJs Eric Starsee and Filipe Guerra.

Florianópolis, Sunday, January 1:
E.Joy at Clube 12 Centro with DJs Offir Malol, Rodolfo Bravat, and Douglas Penido, and a special performance by singer Lorena Simpson.
Dance Floor Especial at Concorde Club with DJ Luciano Troncoso.

Tickets for The Week and Maxima are available online at Ingresso Rápido. Tickets for R:EVOLUTION and The Original Brazilian Pool Party are available at Ingresso Certo.

To get you in the mood for the parties, here is a set by Gustavo Tatá, who will be spinning at Buati on Wednesday night. If you are in Rio, that is the one party I would not miss.

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