Renata Sozzi In Glamour



Renata Sozzi photographed by Laura Sciacovelli for the latest issue of Glamour magazine. View more scans after the jump.





Renata Sozzi plays Frida Kahlo in the latest issue of Vogue Mexico, phorographed by Mike Filinow.

Renata Sozzi Lands Her Second Cover Of Vogue Brazil This Year


The cover above is way better than her April cover, but the blue cellophane dress accessorized with gold bracelets makes me wonder what Ms.Wintour would say if she saw the Vogue title attached to that image.

With the release of September issue above, there is only one issue left of Vogue Brazil to be published under Carta Editorial. Let's hope the new publisher will completely revamp the magazine because I am done with the mediocrity that Vogue Brazil has turned into.

Little Mermaid


Renata Sozzi in the current issue of Teen Vogue, photographed by Daniel Jackson. View more at Way Model Management.

Renata Sozzi Is On The Cover Of Vogue Brazil


I promised my friend Greg (and several readers) that I wasn't going to post the covers of Vogue Brazil until they were really worth mentioning, but I love Renata Sozzi so much that I figured I could break my promise just this month, and only because of her.

PS- I have to give Vogue Brazil credit for booking Renata over Isabeli, And Claudia, and all their other obvious choices. Now that the new girls are covered, how about new stylists as well?

Backstage At Louis Vuitton


Newcomer Renata Sozzi with Alessandra Ambrósio and Caroline Trentini.

If you missed the live broadcast of the Louis Vuitton show on facebook, watch it after the jump.

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