Made In Brazil's Party Guide To São Paulo Gay Pride 2010

The Gay Pride parties in São Paulo start on Wednesday night thanks to a national holiday on Thursday. If you are in town for the parties this week, I put together a guide to make your life a little easier.


Wednesday, June 2:
Super Sonique Pride at Sonique Bar with DJs Valtinho Fragoso, Ale Amaral, Bruno Pacheco, and Lady Gaga cover.
Eterna Festival at The Week with DJs Abel, Herbert Tonn, Morais, Kiron, Grá Ferreira, Leandro Becker, and Vlad.
Chic Celebration Gay Pride 2010 at Bubu Lounge with DJs Mike Cruz, Ricardo Motta, and Paulo Pringles.

Thursday, June 3:
Café com Vodka at Sonique Bar with DJs Cella, Felipe Lira, and Igor Magalhães. Starting at 5 pm.
Eterna Festival at Moinho Eventos with DJs Tony Moran, Guto Bumaruf, and Renato Cecin.
Megga Maxima at Megga Fun with DJs Paulo, Mauro Mozart, Paulo Agulhari, Cella, and André Medeiros.
Só Para Elas at Bubu Lounge with DJs Cris Villela, Anne Louise, and Karinee. Girls night.

Friday, June 4:
Eterna Festival at The Week with DJs Taito Tikaro, Russell Small, Paulo Pacheco, Marcelo Charbel, Leandro Becker, Vlad, and Grá Ferreira.
Fun Especial Pré Parada 2010 at Bubu Lounge with DJs Bill Hallquist, Paulo Agulhari, Lapetina, Paulo Ciotti, and André Medeiros.
Café com Vodka Para Elas at Sonique Bar with DJs Vanessa Lousada, Cella, Baby D, Anne Louise, and Dri Toscano. Girls night.

Saturday, June 5:
Gay Day at Playcenter. Starting at 11 am.
Eterna Festival: GiraSol at Clube Nacional with DJs Isaac Escalante, Juanjo Martin, Grá Ferreira, Morais, and Renato Cecin. Starting at 3 pm.
Eterna Festival at The Week with DJs Peter Rauhofer, Paulo Pacheco, João Neto, Renato Cecin, Kiron, Vlad, Herbert Tonn, and Morais.
Megga Maxima at Megga Fun with DJs Hector Fonseca, Thereza Velasquez, Paulo Agulhari, Mauro Mozart, Cella, and André Medeiros.
Top Especial Pré Parada 2010 at Bubu Lounge with DJs Ricardo Motta, Fist, Jumba, and Pomba.

Sunday, June 6:
14th Annual São Paulo Gay Pride Parade at Avenida Paulista. Starting at noon.
Eterna Festival: Circuit at Clube Nacional with DJs Enrico Arghentini, Russell Small, João Neto, Paulo Pacheco, and Leandro Becker. Starting at 3 pm.
Café com Vodka at Sonique Bar with DJs Cella, Andre Rocc, and Fred Stecca. Starting at 5 pm.
Caju com Vodka at Hotel Cambridge with DJs Felipe Lira, Abdre Rocc, Rodolfo Bravat, Itander, and Augusto.
Madonna Special Party at Vegas with DJs Sandro Olvr, Rafael Augusto, and Ginger Hot. Special performance by Lady Gaga cover LaBelle Beauty.
Top of the Sundays at Bubu Lounge with DJs Paulo Agulhari, Paulo Ciotti, and André Medeiros.
Private at Cantho with DJs Jeff Valle, Mauro Mozart, and a special performance by Amannda.

If you plan on attending the parade on Sunday, I highly recommend that you leave all your documents and credit cards at home or at your hotel, and that you only take cash with you and keep it inside your underwear or socks. If you plan on taking your cell phone or  a camera, I suggest not keeping it in your pocket.

Tickets for The Week's Eterna Festival 2010 are available online at Ingresso Rápido.

Raquel, Edilson, Kate Moss, Lily Allen in Brazil, And São Paulo Pride

  • Raquel Zimmermann graces the cover of the new issue of Vogue Nippon. Expect to see her in the fall 2010 Gucci campaign and in a new commercial for Chloé directed by Roman Coppola.
  • Model Edilson Nascimento and his wife gave birth to a baby boy on Friday.
  • Very sad to hear that Ambrose Olsen passed away.
  • Lily Allen caused quite a commotion this weekend when she twittered that she was in the country.
  • Monange's Dream Fashion Tour stopped in Rio this past Saturday. House of Models has a video of the show.
  • Kate Moss has signed on as the new face of Shopping Cidade Jardim. The ad campaign will be styled by Edward Enninful.
  • Did Marc and Lorenzo really split this time?
  • Glee is holding a talent search.
  • The 14th Annual São Paulo Gay Pride parade will take place on June 6th this year.
  • The second edition of the Buati party in São Paulo will take place at Lions club this Friday.

Dancefloor Packed

This is what the dancefloor at The Week looked liked in Rio this past weekend the night before Gay Pride. I am breaking up a sweat just looking at it.


Watch a clip of the party and view more pictures of Gay Pride in Rio after the jump.

1 Million People Celebrate Pride Under The Rain In Rio


The light rain didn't stop over one million people from marching down Avenida Atlântica in Copacabana yesterday for Rio's 14th Annual Gay Pride Parade. From the top of one of the sixteen floats, the state governor Sérgio Cabral affirmed that "Rio will always be on the forefront of civil rights in Brazil," and said that he was sorry for the fact that there are still politicians fighting against gay rights: "People need to understand that if a man loves another man, that is their business and no one else's."

Rio's mayor Eduardo Paes guaranteed that the parade will receive more incentive from the government next year, when it celebrates its 15th anniversary. According to newspaper O Dia, the investment for 2010 may be of up to R$ 800,000, which is a significant number when you consider that the city spent a mere R$ 100,000 in the event this year. Just so you know, it is estimated that the parade brought in over R$ 45 million in revenue to the city last year.

Btw, Rio was just voted Best Global Destination at Logo's TripOut Gay Travel Awards. You guys better have already booked your tickets for New Year's and Carnival.

View pictures and watch a video of the parade in Copacabana after the jump.

Rio Celebrates Gay Pride This Sunday (Finally, Right?)

Rio de Janeiro will be hosting its 14th Annual Gay Pride Parade this coming Sunday at Avenida Atlântica in Copacabana. I am not going, but it seems that half of the country is, given the fact that Monday just so happens to be a national holiday. Here is the party schedule for those of you who will be in Rio over the weekend:


Saturday, October 31:
Cosmopolitan at The Week with Israeli duo Epiphony and DJs Gustavo Junior, Jeff Valle, Leandro Becker, Morais, and Renato Cecin.
Bootleg at Dama de Ferro with DJs Leo Janeiro, Soter Baroni, Mauricio Lopes, João Paulo vs. Márcio Careca, and Gustavo Tata.
Fan Party at Le Boy celebrating Madonna.
Cine Ideal with Venezuelan DJ Luis Erre.

Sunday, November 1:
The Original Brazilian Pool Party starting at 5pm at Clube Internacional de Regatas with DJs Dave & Gerado, Cacá Werneck, Flávio Lima, and Gustavo Scorpio.
Duo at 00 starting at 5pm with DJs Pax, Mauricio Lopes, Renato Weiss, Rafael Calvente, and Diego Valente.
Nuit Blanche at The Week with Israeli DJ Tomer and DJs Gustavo Junior, Jeff Valle, Leandro Becker, and Morais.

Monday, November 2:
Duo at 00 starting at 5pm with DJs Andre Garça, Dri Toscano, and Felipe Lira.

Now the question is: who is going to be sober enough to send me some videos and pictures of the parties?

Davi Costa, Os Gêmeos, Adam Lambert, Shakira, And New Moon

  • Model Davi Costa does Pref Mag.
  • Thiago Santos and Reinaldo Berthoti in GQ China.
  • 800,000 people celebrated Gay Pride last weekend in Salvador.
  • Vertigem, the biggest national exhibit to date on the work of Os Gêmeos, is now open at FAAP's Museum in São Paulo. It runs until December 13, so there is no excuse to miss it.
  • This is how Brazilian hipsters do it: view pictures of another edition of the Buati party in Rio.
  • Glam is back: a first look at Adam Lambert's album cover.
  • Shakira graces the cover of Rolling Stone.
  • Go behind-the-scenes at the C&A summer campaign with Isabeli Fontana and Felipe Hulse.
  • Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart will be landing in the country on November 1st to promote New Moon.
  • Models Ana Claudia Michels, Fabiana Semprebom, Lais Oliveira, and Luciana Curtis are hosting a benefit tomorrow night at Pink Elephant in New York on behalf of Friends of Renascer, a non-profit organization helping children and families living below poverty line in Brazil. Tickets are $50, and items from Osklen and H. Stern will be auctioned.

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