Gymnastics On Air

Talk about strength and precision: Brazilian divers César Castro and Cassius Duran in action today in Rio. More pictures at UOL.

Speedo Break At The Pan-American Games

The Brazilian water polo team beat Mexico yesterday and qualified for the semifinals. The boys will be playing against Canada tomorrow.

Workin' It At The Pan-American Games

With a sequined Brazilian flag embroidered on his back and Brazilian rhythms on the soundtrack, Marcel Sturmer took home the gold medal in skating yesterday.

As it turns out, Marcel is actually quite a hottie sans skating sequined outfit, and as a good Brazilian, also keeps a fotolog.

Stalking The Gymnasts On Speedo Sundays

The Brazilian gymnasts go for a swim in the pool at the villa built for the Pan-American games in Rio.

Brazil's Golden Boy

Swimmer Thiago Pereira has risen as the country's most notorious swimmer AND athlete at the Pan-American Games in Rio this week. He scored his 4th gold medal this morning at the 200 medley, and then a 5th one at the 4 x 100 freestyle without even competing today (he had competed in the semifinals, securing his spot on the podium).

With 5 gold medals under his belt, Thiago is the Brazilian swimmer with the most gold medals ever at the Pan-American Games. Now if only he would wear a speedo.

Pan-American Judo Love

22-year-old Brazilian João Gabriel Schlittler held tight but lost the gold medal to Cuban Oscar Brayson in the heavyweight judo category yesterday.

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