Grendene Taps Into The Men's Market With A New Line



I have known for a while that Brazilian footwear label Grendene, responsible for the famous line of plastic shoes Melissa, was set to launch a men's line called M:Zero this year, but I hadn't seen pictures of the first pieces until last week. From the pictures above, the styles look pretty cool and great for either summer in the northern hemisphere or winter down here in Brazil. Both styles come in versions with flocking, which give them a bit of a more polished look. I heard there was also a flip flop being developed, but no pictures have surfaced yet.

I am not sure how comfortable the shoes are since I haven't worn shoes made of rubber in about 30 years, but I am going to try to get a hold of a pair and take it for a test drive in São Paulo.

The new M:Zero will be available in July.

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