Miro Moreira Addresses The Gay Rumors

Eliminated from the reality series A Fazenda this past Sunday, model Miro Moreira addressed the gay rumors which have been circling around the web in a live interview by saying "Regarding my sexuality, I can do whatever I please. Me being gay or not is nobody's business. As for me being gay... I am not, but I have no problem with anyone who is gay."

Dear Miro, I have no problem with you either. As a matter of fact, I already miss all the additional content  you were providing me with thanks to your showers and dye jobs broadcast live on national television. Fortunately though, someone was kind enough to put together a video with some of your best moments on the farm.

And to think we could have had another week or two of that if he hadn't been sent home.

Btw, rumor has it that gay porn magazine G is trying to get Miro to pose naked, but I seriously doubt that he will agree to do it.

Miro Moreira Leaves The Farm


With 67.3% of the viewer's votes, model Miro Moreira was eliminated from the reality series A Fazenda last night. I am going to miss watching him moisturize with Victoria's Secret Pear Glace body lotion, dye his hair, or shower in a swimsuit, but I am definitely going to keep on watching the show.

Watch the video of Miro's elimination and his emotional encounter with his parents after the jump.

Speedo Sundays

Miro Moreira goes for a swim in the reality series A Fazenda. Fyi, he is up for elimination again tonight.

Campana + Lacoste, VMan, Doutzen Kroes And Hilary Rhoda In Rio

Miro Shows Off His Tattoo In The Shower

This is now officially my favorite clip from the reality series A Fazenda: Miro Moreira pulling down his swimsuit and showing off his tattoo in the shower, while telling the other contestants about how embarrassing it was to shoot the D&G campaign naked.

Brazilian TV at its best.

Blond Ambition



Girl, get it together: Miro Moreira dyed his hair blond (and by blond I mean canary yellow) on national television yesterday. Needless to say, he is not thrilled with the results.

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