Happy Thanksgiving

I am incredibly jealous of my American friends today. While many of them used to dread Thanksgiving, it has always been my favorite American holiday (especially after my friend Dean introduced me to cornbread stuffing two years ago).

Make sure to have some apple pie with two scoops of vanilla icecream for me today.

Too Cool For Monday: My Weekend On FI

I would just like to thank my dear friends Matthew, Frank, and Alvaro for a really fun weekend on Fire Island. I had a blast with you guys. It was the perfect summer weekend, especially when you are coming from winter in Brazil.


Pictured above: my money drying overnight after being randomly thrown in three different pools throughout the day on Saturday.

To The Plastics, thanks for inviting me to your party. To Matthew, thanks for the Britneys and for introducing me to all your chicest friends. To Alvaro, thanks for the extra cherries on my drinks.

Things I Missed About New York

As fashionable as my country may be these days, there are certain pleasures which you can only indulge in New York, and which I have truly missed for the past five months. Here is my list of things to accomplish in the city for the next couple of weeks (other than spending time with my friends of course).

- Watch the Project Runway season finale tonight. I can't believe I managed to get to New York in time for it.
- Have cheap, greasy, and inexpensive Thai food delivered. You can never get that in Brazil.
- Have cheap, greasy, and inexpensive Mexican food, and have authentic Mexican food as well.
- Sushi at Bond Street.
- Any brunch which involves banana bread.
- Eat enough popcorn to feed an African country at the movies, because popcorn buckets are not available in Brazil.
- Raid the Apple Store for new gadgets and the new Time Capsule.
- Get trashed bar hopping in the East Village, and go home not smelling like cigarettes. I love the smoking ban and just can't wait for it to be approved in São Paulo.
- Get trashed at an ultra fashionable straight place which plays pop and hip hop, and in which I would never be allowed in if it were not for my well-connected friends.
- Get trashed on mixed drinks as opposed to the vodka redbull I am obliged to drink in Brazil.
- Check out the Christian Louboutin exhibit which starts next week at the FIT Museum, as well as the Color Chart exhibit already on display at the MoMA.
- Watch as much television as I can. After all, I have been missing out on gems like Make Me A Supermodel, and I would much rather watch American Idol live as opposed to a week later in Brazil.

And yes, I am thrilled that the weather is reasonably warm for this time of the year, which may result in me keeping my Brazilian tan for an extra day or two.


Landed in New York this morning. Posting will resume later or as soon as my body adapts to the 50-degrees drop in temperature.


Just thought I should stop to mention that this is the 3,000th post I write here in three years. Thanks to all of you who read Made In Brazil.


Just so you all know, today I am turning 29, so do take your time to wish me a happy birthday. If you are a friend of mine in Brazil reading this, pick up the phone and dial my number asap. It is a national holiday in the country, so you have no excuses.

Thanks to all my friends in New York who have taken me out this week, and treated me with so much love. It is nice to feel appreciated now that I am almost never here. And for those of you who have not yet seen me, you still have a chance to redeem yourselves by buying me a drink tonight or over the weekend.

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