Raquel Zimmermann In The Animale Fall 2011 Ad Campaign




a) I don't understand the need for the horse and the little guy on the right.

b) Horses on ad campaigns are so last decade.

c) Can anyone please explain how come Animale has enough money to hold Raquel exclusive in Brazil but can't afford someone to do a decent retouching job? And why would you cast Raquel and then have someone retouch the images to the point that it doesn't even look like her? Just asking.

Freja Beha Posed Naked On A Couch For Santa Lolla



Another case of an amazing foreign model in a rather average Brazilian ad campaign this season: Freja Beha photographed by Henrique Gendre for accessories label Santa Lolla. A different art director and photographer would have made all the difference there.

Watch the making of video of the Santa Lolla fall 2011 ad campaign with Freja after the jump.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Freja And A Little Leopard


There may be hope for Vogue Brazil after all: the cover of the March issue with Freja Beha photographed by Henrique Gendre looks pretty good (and it actually looks even better on newsstands since the neon orange title doesn't read well on a scanner). Now if only the magazine would hire a new art director to get rid off that awful typography on the cover.

Seriously wondering if I should pick up a copy to see if the editorial content has improved, or if I should just wait for the May issue with Kate Moss shot by Mario Testino to be pleasantly surprised.

Freja Beha, Rodrigo Santoro, Adriana Lima, And The Golden Globes

Such A Waste Of Raquel


If you are lucky enough to get to shoot Raquel Zimmermann for the cover of your publication and you come up with the image above, you should be arrested (along with whoever was responsible for the  insanely amount of retouching).

Vogue Brazil may now be published by a joint venture between Condé Nast and Globo, but judging from the past two covers it is still the same mediocre publication it used to be under Carta Editorial. Still hoping the staff will eventually change and it will get better.

More Raquel For Animale


A new image from the summer 2011 ad campaign shot by Henrique Gendre and the making of video. That is Animale's best ad campaign to date for sure.

Raquel, btw, is also featured in the +J by Jil Sander for Uniqlo fall 2010 ad campaign.

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