The Brazilian Gymnasts Hit The Beach Again


Diego Hypólito and the boys of the national gymnastics team made another appearance at the beach in Ipanema over the weekend. View more pictures after the jump.

Speedo Break


Gymnast Diego Hypólito and friends at the beach in Ipanema yesterday (judging by his friends' average height, I think it is safe to assume they are all gymnasts).

Gymnast Diego Hypólito At The Beach In Leblon


Sort of feels like summer already in Rio, doesn't it? View more pictures after the jump.

Gymnast Diego Hypolito Goes For The Vault

Brazilian gymnast Diego Hypolito, the reigning world champion on the floor exercise, is going for the vault in order to broaden his chances for a gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics. He is currently working on a vault which has only been performed by the likes of Marian Dragulescu and Lu Xiaopang, and will debut his new moves at the Brazilian Gymnastics Tournament in Blumenau this coming weekend.

Pictures at Globo Esporte.

Stalking Diego Hypólito


The Brazilian gymnast took a break from training to hit the beach in Leblon yesterday. (Image Source)

Olympic Moment

Brazilian gymnast Diego Hypolito was the favorite to win gold in the floor exercise yesterday. His floor routine is one of the most difficult in the world, and features two tumbling moves so unique they carry his name. After nailing pretty much every single tumbling pass though, Diego fell on his final landing, finishing in sixth place.


Had Diego won, he would have been the first Brazilian Olympic gymnastics medalist. Watch his floor exercise on the video below.

With the entire country counting on a gold medal from him, I can only imagine how he felt yesterday.

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