U+Mag, Rachel Zoe, Liliane Ferrarezi, And The Facebook Movies

La Bündchen At Balenciaga, Carine Roitfeld, Raquel, And Alessandra


Mariah Has Landed In São Paulo!



And has obviously already made a pit stop at a churrascaria. Gotta keep in shape for her concert at the Barretos Festival this Saturday, when she will most likely try to squeeze into a corseted gown after having feijoada for lunch. Love fat Mariah.

Jonas Sulzbach, FNO, Gisele In Love, And Lorenzo And Lance

  • A new picture gallery of Mister Brazil 2010, Jonas Sulzbach.
  • Preview this year's bigger and better Fashion's Night Out.
  • Gisele looks stunning in one of the eight collectible covers of Love magazine.
  • Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrósio in the September issue of Vogue.
  • In an interview to Folha de São Paulo, Lorenzo Martone said that him and Lance Bass are not dating, but that the two have hung out recently and are getting to know each other. Mr. Martone is currently in the country, and you can read another interview with him (in Portuguese) at Blog LP.
  • A teenager was shot to death and another was shot in the leg this past weekend at the gay pride parade in Juiz de Fora, attended by over 70,000 people. The teenagers were hit during a confrontation between two rival gangs. 17 people have been detained by the police, two of them suspects of the crime.
  • I finally got to check out the Transfer exhibit at Ibirapuera Park this past weekend. Really loved the work by Os Gêmeos on display, but other than that I was a little underwhelmed with the presentation and the selection of works. I was going to take pictures for a post, but security didn't allow it.

Evandro, Shirley Mallmann, Lady Gaga, And Music For The Weekend

Hot Or Not? Paris Hilton Cashes In On SPFW


I know I said no posts about São Paulo Fashion Week, but I couldn't just ignore the fact that Paris Hilton flew to São Paulo yesterday with two chihuahuas, shot the Triton spring 2011 ad campaign in the afternoon, and then opened the label's show at night in her signature runway walk, and wearing different shoes from all the other models simply because she decided at the very last minute that she did not like the show shoes. Gotta love her for giving everyone here a run for their money and making they play by her rules.

And on the bright side, the one good thing about booking Paris is the certainty that she is the one celebrity who will never skip her own party, even if she shows up at 3 am.

View more pictures of Paris Hilton at the Triton show after the jump.

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