Fotolog Of The Week: Dani Brasil

Need an excuse to jet down to Brazil later this month? Dani Brasil has a fotolog with dozens of party pictures that may make you want to pick up the phone and call your travel agent immediately.

From circuit parties to pool parties, someone is living the life. More reasons to spend the winter in Brazil after the jump.

Fotolog Of The Week: DiLacerda

As part of my effort to convince everybody to come down to Brazil for New Year's Eve, here is a fotolog loaded with pictures from parties all over the country. DiLacerda may hail from Belo Horizonte, but he sure gets around.

Parties, parties, and more shirtless parties. The swimsuit extravaganza is after the jump as expected.

Fotolog Of The Week: Roque Surf

As I continue my mission of posting every hot Brazilian fotolog available, Roque Surf brings the surfers back.

Nothing like having a sense of humor to go with your green eyes. The shirtless extravaganza is after the jump.

Fotolog Of The Week: Didio Photo

This week instead of showcasing pictures of Brazilian boys taken in front of the mirror, I chose to feature Didio Photo, a fotolog containing samples of the work from a Brazilian photographer, and lots of beautiful images of models. There were not many postings throughout the year, but November brings a b&w series with models and martial arts by the beach.

This is the way the pros do it. A selection of models shot by the fotologger after the jump.

Fotolog Of The Week: Trivilin

I had not come across Trivilin's fotolog until a reader sent me a link to it a week ago. After a few weeks of a lot of diversity here, today we celebrate the return of the exhibitionist (and the flat stomach). Can you believe this kid is only 17?

As you can see, the stomach is captured from every angle imaginable. There is a lot more posing after the jump.

Fotolog Of The Week: Blackinho

After over a year of fotologs featured here, it is hard for me to come across something that really catches my attention. When a reader sent me a link to Blackinho, I knew I had to post it asap.

Not only do I like the artistic appeal of the b&w pictures, but I had also never found a fotolog that was so obviously erotic. I am used to boys flexing in swimsuits and showing their six-packs, but there is something kinky about this one. Check it out after the jump (some images may be NSFW).

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