Fotolog Of The Week: Sergio Mattos

Since Fashion Rio is taking place this week, there is no fotolog more appropriate than the one compiled by the city's most notorious booker Sergio Mattos. Thank him for all the Brazilian boys you see posing in the pages of the world's biggest fashion publications and ad campaigns.

Yes, that is Gisele on the first picture with Mr. Testino. More from his fotolog after the jump.

Fotolog Of The Week: E. Bortolotti

Since Fashion Rio is just around the corner, and São Paulo Fashion Week is coming up later this month, I am changing things around here today with a fotolog of a fashionista such as E. Bortolotti instead of the usual surfer from Rio.

And just so that you don't feel like I am being radical here, the traditional fotolog shirtless pictures are after the jump.

Fotolog Of The Week: X Tudo

While I am still deciding what to do in terms of fotologs this year, X Tudo motivates me to keep on finding new ones a weekly basis. Nothing like a creative fotologger who can use photoshop.

More after the jump, including a cameo by Brazilian DJ Leandro Becker and a lot of posing.

Fotolog Of The Week: Gostosuras

Since this is the last fotolog featured in 2006, I thought I would pick one which contains a fine selection of boys from all over the country, selected from fotologs and orkut profiles. Gostosuras may look like a shrine to steroid use, but let's give these boys a break and enjoy.

I am more of a fan of lean and defined surfer silhouette, but this is a strong way to close the year in fotologs. There are more pictures and muscles after the jump.

Fotolog Of The Week: DJ Felipe Lira

Considering a weekend full of parties is coming up soon for New Year's, I thought DJ Felipe Lira would be the perfect choice for fotolog this week. The 25-year-old DJ has only been playing in São Paulo for a year, but seems destined to become a big name in the country.

Party pictures and more of Felipe Lira after the jump.

Fotolog Of The Week: Marcelo Voa Voa


Keeping with this month's party boy theme (because it is pool party season in the southern hemisphere), Marcelo Voa Voa has tons of pictures in his fotolog to convince you to experience the country.



From daytime to nightime, something tells me someone is having a very good time.



The traditional speedo pictures after the jump.

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