Pictures From Fernando de Noronha (And Some Travel Tips)



As most of you know, I took a little break last week and spent five days disconnected from the rest of the world in Fernando de Noronha, a small island off the coast of the northeast of the country. If you have never been there, I highly recommend booking a trip. Because of the limited number of tourists allowed on the island at a time, spending a week there may end up costing a lot more than flying to the Caribbean for a week from São Paulo, but it is absolutely worth it. The island is so beautiful  and surreal that several times I found myself thinking I was in Avatar's computer-generated Pandora.

I posted more information and pictures of Fernando de Noronha along with a few travel tips after the jump. Make sure to check them out. I already cannot wait to be back there.

The Dolphins In Fernando de Noronha

I got back from my five-day getaway to Fernando de Noronha last night, and I am already looking forward to going back. Not only is it the most beautiful place I have ever been to, but it is also the only place where I felt completely in touch with nature and disconnected from the rest of the world.

I will be posting pictures and information about Fernando de Noronha as soon as I have a little more time, so in the meantime here is a short video I shot on a boat ride on my first morning in the island. I didn't quite catch the moment when dozens of dolphins where swimming right alongside the boat because I was too mesmerized by what was going on to grab my camera, but still you can see a few dolphins at the beginning of the video. We ended up seeing dolphins swimming and doing flips every when we went scuba diving every morning. It was pretty surreal.

If you have never been to Fernando de Noronha and plan on visiting Brazil this summer (meaning winter in the northern hemisphere), I highly recommend spending a few days there. I will make sure to post more information about flights and places to stay.

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