Stern Turns Up The Heat In Rio




Fernanda Tavares and five Brazilian boys in nothing but swimsuits photographed in Rio by Matthias Vriens McGrath and styled by Timothy Reukauf for the latest issue of Stern. Pure insanity.

Watch a video of the shoot here, and view more images after the jump.

Not Even Patrick And Victor Demarchelier Can Save Vogue Brazil


Got a copy of the November issue of Vogue Brazil yesterday. I don't often buy the magazine since it is always so disappointing and mediocre, but considering that this is the first issue under its new publisher, a joint venture between Editora Globo and Condé Nast, I thought I would give it a chance.

Is it better than what Vogue Brazil used to deliver? Yes and no. The cover looks more polished and suited for the title, even though Isabeli is a very predictable choice and I would have loved to have seen a girl like Laís Ribeiro on the cover for a change. The three editorials are all photographed by Patrick and Victor Demarchelier, and as much as the images are beautiful and the retouching is flawless, the pictures don't really say anything different, and look more like a catalog than an actual fashion spread. As much as Vogue is an international title, I firmly believe that the first issue of Vogue Brazil under the new publisher should have featured three major stories shot by three great Brazilian photographers and featuring mostly national labels. However, if the idea was to have Patrick and Victor Demarchelier shoot an entire issue to cause a great impression, then the magazine should have also enlisted a top foreign editor to properly style the shoots. Unfortunately, most of the editorial team that used to work under the previous publisher is still there in the masthead, and until most of that team is replaced I honestly don't see any interesting changes happening. I would love to see the youngest editors get a shot to see what they can deliver.

Last but not least, something needs to be done about the paper and the printing quality.  Printing is so bad that some images actually look blurred, and the colors are all off.

I scanned pictures of the three main fashion stories in the issue and posted them after the jump so you can judge for yourselves. View them after the jump.

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