Diddy Defines Brazil In A Single Word


"Ass! Ass! Ass! Phat round beautiful ASSES!!!!! Everywhere! Its a ASS suniami!!!!!!!! I think I like it here!!! Lol". And that is how Diddy nicely described Rio on his twitter over the weekend. I am guessing he will be back soon.

The Best Thing About Fashion Rocks In Rio Was The CK Party


The first edition of Oi Fashion Rocks managed to be more even boring than the VMAs, but the guys at Calvin Klein turned up the heat in Rio the night after the event with a super sexy party by the pool at the Fasano, celebrating Calvin Klein jeans and underwear. Needless to say, the talk of the party was newcomer Hendricky, who you have seen here on MIB before, and was laying naked by the pool as guests arrived. Apparently the guys at Calvin Klein liked the model so much that I heard rumors that they were already looking to sign him.

View more exclusive pictures of Hendricky naked on the pool after the jump.

More Fashion Rocks, An Interview With Miro Moreira, And Dita Von Teese

  • The poster chosen for the movie Do Começo Ao Fim is the one on the right.
  • Isabeli Fontana took her kids Lucas and Zion to the beach in Rio yesterday. So cute.
  • There was a male model completely naked in the pool at the Fasano for the Calvin Klein party last night (big thanks to Alessandra Ambrósio for posting the picture on twitter).
  • Models.com interviews Joseph Altuzarra.
  • Passport magazine does Florianópolis.
  • Jesus Luz was spotted with his manager and two brothers last night in Leblon. He spinned in Brasília on Saturday night.
  • Brazilian Gustavo Marzolla shot by Rick Day.
  • Martha Streck's new polaroids.
  • In an interview published today, Miro Moreira denied the gay rumors, complained that two famous designers asked him to take his clothes off during a fitting to try on a swimsuit (and we all know who he is talking about), mentioned that a famous actor tried to kiss him in the bathroom of a nightclub, and said that him and actor Reynaldo Giannechini hardly know each other and have never dated. My least favorite sentence to come out of his mouth "Gosto é de mulher, graças a Deus" (or "Thank God I like women"). Sorry Miro, but that sounded just awful.
  • Dita Von Teese will be performing at The Week in São Paulo this Wednesday night.

Oi Fashion Rocks In Pictures (And More About Mariah)


Can someone please explain to me why Mariah Carey was chosen to perform at the Calvin Klein runway show at Oi Fashion Rocks this past Saturday? The pairing makes no sense to me, and apparently it made no sense to Mariah either. Not only did she forget to introduce designer Francisco Costa at the end of the show, but she also refused to wear Calvin Klein for her performance, opting instead for a corseted Dolce & Gabanna dress in which she could not even walk in.

View more pictures of Oi Fashion Rocks in Rio de Janeiro after the jump.

Stalking Donatella



Relaxing with Mario Testino by the pool at the Copacabana Palace yesterday (and yes, she is wearing the Havaianas she bought at Fashion Mall on Friday).

In an interview over the weekend, Donatella said that she must be Brazilian and doesn't know it because she likes the way Brazilian women dress in a sensual and feminine way. Yet another reason to love her.

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Dissecting The Fashion Rocks Live Broadcast


Watching the online live broadcast of Oi Fashion Rocks last night was almost as difficult as watching the McQueen spring 2010 show. From what I was able to watch online, I can already tell you that VJ turned actress turned TV presenter Fernanda Lima as the host was a terrible choice. The girl is gorgeous, but she presented the show as if she were sitting on a plastic chair at the beach drinking beer with her friends and cutting her toenails at the same time. Sounds funny, but the overall effect was not cute, and neither was her hairdo and her first two outfits.

As thrilled as I am that Rio got to host the show this year, it was my least favorite Fashion Rocks concert to date. The version which will be broadcast on TV across the globe at a later date may be edited differently, but the overall feeling I had last night was that there was very little fashion on display, and almost no rock. I wish there had been a little more focus on the runway shows, which were cut down to approximately three minutes each, especially when Katie Grand was responsible for the styling. I sort of also wish Katie Grand had to style the performers and some celebs for the red carpet because if it hadn't been for the amazing Grace Jones there would have been nothing actually worth reporting.

Diddy opened the show singing I'll Be Missing You as a tribute to Gianni Versace (I know, wtf right? What is Diddy doing at Fashion Rocks? In Rio?). Brazilian singer Geanine Marques and her Stop Play Moon added a much needed dose of rock to the event during the Alexandre Herchcovitch runway show, Ciara got in the way of the models at Givenchy, Estelle was great at Lenny, and Mariah forgot to introduce Calvin Klein's Francisco Costa at the end of the show (probably because she was so desperate to get out of that corseted number she was wearing). Thank God for Grace Jones, who brought the arena down with Pull Up To The Bumper and Slave To The Rhythm at the Marc Jacobs portion of the show. So major. Mr. Jacobs wasn't there, but no one really cared after watching Grace Jones in action. She was literally the best thing about the whole event.

It was announced at the end of the show that the Fashion Rocks will take place in Rio again next year. If you missed the live broadcast, videos of a few of the performances are available at Oi Fashion Rocks Brasil.

Watch a video of Grace Jones' performance after the jump. Pictures coming tomorrow.

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