SPFW: Izabel Goulart, FH, Cori, And Alexandre Herchcovitch

The fall shows kicked off yesterday in São Paulo. Expect tons of coverage here in the next few days. Here is my take on the first day of shows.

Izabel Goulart was the main attraction of the Forum Tufi Duek show, inspired by Brazilian artist Paulo Von Poser, with obvious nods to Gucci. Inspiration was a little too literal, and the roses which permeate Mr. Von Poser's work completely took over the collection. The idea of having the show at the designer's home would have been great if it weren't for the 90 degree heat.

Fause Haten tried to be innovative in his presentation. He had sheer shower curtains dividing the runway in two, and presented each theme of his collection on one side. At the end, the curtains were pulled back, and surprise... The show started again, only switching sides. It was unnecessary, especially considering that the side I had not seen at the beginning should have been left that way. The only good pieces were the black belted sheer dresses, but I had already seen a better version of them before on the Dolce & Gabbana runway a year ago.

Neon designers Dudu Bertholini and Rita Comparato presented their first collection for Cori, after the departure of creative director Ale Herchcovitch. Viviane Orth opened the show, which was loaded with references to men's eveningwear, 70's disco, and Tina Turner. The designers' famous tropical prints made their way into the collection as well, along with their love for jumpsuits, high waists, and bustier tops.

Alexandre Herchcovitch proposed a geometric funeral for fall. Bruna Tenório opened a march of black looks, in a collection which emphasized and distorted the shoulders, and developed into colorful pastel plaids and stripes. I just wish some of the dresses in the end had been paired with some of his exquisitely tailored jackets, absent from the collection this season.

Everyone loved the new heels at Herchcovitch.

Model Daniela Borges is too young to work in Brazil, but you will be seeing her in New York very soon.

I heard Irina Lazareanu was not able to come to Brazil for the Zoomp show today because she did not have a page on her passport left to be stamped at customs.

Newcomer Henzo Hülle is booked exclusively for Ellus.

Make-up artist Ricardo dos Anjos launched his website this week, featuring trends, editorial work, and beauty tips on video.

Daniela Borges' Big Break In Milan

Brazilian newcomer Daniela Borges was absent in New York this season, but broke into the Gucci spring show in Milan yesterday. Is it a sign of big things to come?

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