Speedo Break

Model Daniel Bueno showring in the reality series A Fazenda 3. Soft porn on national TV at its best.

To Get You Through The Weekend: Daniel Bueno

Model Daniel Bueno dries off naked in national television in the third season of the reality series The Farm. Skip to 1:00 for the best part. Warning: nsfw.

Speedo Sunday

Model Daniel Bueno gives viewers a good peek at his butt on national TV after showering in the reality series A Fazenda 3. Make sure to watch the video until the end.

The Third Season Of "A Fazenda" Has Already Started

The third season of the reality series A Fazenda (or The Farm) premiered on Tuesday night, and it already looks a lot better than the second one thanks to the ridiculously trashy and rather hot casting.

I know that it is hard for those of you abroad to have any empathy with a Brazilian TV show in Portuguese so I promise not to bother you guys with details, and simply devote all my posts about the show to shower scenes like the one below with model Daniel Bueno.

Looks promising, right?

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