Stalking Dado Dolabella

Kudos to actor Dado Dolabella for finally sporting something other than a black swimsuit, and for making sure that every paparazzi in Ipanema registered it yesterday by getting frisky with his girlfriend.





More pictures of the lovebirds on the sand after the jump.

Stalking Dado Dolabella



In his usual black swimsuit, helping to keep the beach in Ipanema clean yesterday. (Image Source)

Speedo Sundays

While I was locked inside the Biennial building covering the shows in São Paulo, actor Dado Dolabella was enjoying the beach in Rio.

And Terra unveiled its new boy for the month, model Thiago Rufinelli. I am loving his pictures.

Going Commando

Actor Dado Dolabella went out to grab a sandwich last night in Leblon, and apparently did not care about showing some extra skin (which is why I like him). Image via Ego.

Speedo Break

And it is a double dose: actors Dado Dolabella and Marcelo Serrado hit the beach in Ipanema yesterday.

More at Estrelando.

Speedo Break With Dado Dolabella

At the beach in Rio yesterday. More at Estrelando.

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