All Eyes On Britney

Britney has just debuted the video for Circus, and she did not disappoint. It is one of her best videos to date. The shot with the lions is beyond amazing.

Did you guys watch her MTV documentary For The Record? It is not like she needed to win me over, but after watching it last night, I just want her to succeed even more (and maybe give her a hug).

UPDATE: the video posted above is the confirmed official version.

Brazilian Kids Take On Britney's "Womanizer"

It seems that Beyoncé is not the only one being copied these days. Brazilian kids Valmir and Josy have put together their own version of Britney's Womanizer, shower scenes and all.

You know you have a real fag hag on you when she agrees to do something like that.

Video via Papel Pop.

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