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Not even all that plastic wrap above stopped 20-year-old Camila Trindade from winning the third season of Brazil's Next Top Model last night. I seriously tried watching the show this season but the editing is just so amateur that it was impossible to sit through an entire episode (think 20 flashbacks per segment and so much slow motion that the show actually feels like its going backwards). In spite of all its technical flaws though, the Brazilian franchise of the show does produce actual working models, all of them over 5'7". Tyra could perhaps learn a thing or two here on that department.

A Good Reason To Keep On Watching Brazil's Next Top Model


As if I weren't already happy for the fact that that there are no girls under 5'7" on the show and that the host Fernanda Motta has gotten much more camp this season, last Thursday Rodrigo Calazans and other Brazilian male models posed in their underwear in bed with the contestants. I am hoping there is another shoot like that on the schedule for this cycle.

Watch the best moments of the third episode of the show after the jump.

Cycle 3 Of Brazil's Next Top Model Is On (And I'm Rooting For The Dyke)


What works this season:

  • Fernanda Motta finally let go of trying to act like Tyra, and looks comfortable (and freaking gorgeous) in her own skin as the show's host.
  • Designer Dudu Bertholini as a judge. Love him and everything he has to say.
  • Some of the girls could actually be models, and none of them is plus size or under 5'7".
  • The lesbian contestant twist, and the fact that the lesbian in question hit the runway in a skateboard. I am so already rooting for her.

What doesn't work:

  • The lighting is still beyond atrocious.
  • Carlos Pazetto is still not and will never be Jay, not even if he bleaches his hair platinum. Plus the fact that he never takes off his aviators is both annoying and freaky.
  • The camera work and the editing is just so bad and cheap sometimes it feels like I am watching The Blair Witch Project. That and all the slow motion takes need to be limited to a maximum of three per episode.

And finally, how come in a model-obsessed country like Brazil only 3,000 girls applied to compete in the show? Makes no sense to me.

For videos of the first episode (and dyke of the season Giovahnna), visit Brazil's Next Top Model.

Season 3 Of Brazil's Next Top Model Is On The Way


The 20 semi-finalists for the third season of Brazil's Next Top Model have been announced, and you can already check out their pictures online. The show starts on September 10, and I am going to give it another try this season in hopes that it is actually fun and entertaining, two adjectives I would certainly not use to describe the past two seasons. BRNTM may have produced real working models, but as a TV show it is not nearly as interesting as watching Tyra Banks convince 5'5" girls that they can be walking the runway for Gucci.

Brazil's Next Top Model, Fashion Rocks, Anna Wintour, And Madonna

  • Brazil's Next Top Model is making Tyra proud by reaching out to new demographics with a lesbian contestant this season, 18-year-old Giovahnna Ziegler.
  • Calvin Klein and Givenchy have been added to the line up of this year's Oi Fashion Rocks in Rio. Other runway shows already confirmed include Versace, Marc Jacobs, Lenny, Alexandre Herchcovitch, Lino Villaventura, and Andre Lima.
  • Anna Wintour will be signing t-shirts in Queens for Fashion's Night Out. Can't believe I will miss out on that.
  • In case you haven't had enough of Jesus today, here are pictures of him and Madonna celebrating her 51st birthday yesterday in Portofino (and there is more here).
  • Baby daddy: Carlos Freire in Out photographed by Matthias Vriens.
  • Brad Pitt elaborates on his recent remarks about gay marriage.
  • Sex is not the enemy: Chad White, Kerry Degman, and Joe Lally for the Contributing Editor.
  • Spotted shirtless in Rio over the weekend: actors Jonatas Faro, Rodrigo Lombardi, and Marcello Novaes.

Brad Pitt, Wolverine, Adam Lambert, Edilson, And More Jean Carlos

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