Speedo Sunday


Three for one: Big Brother Brazil cast members Rodrigo and Maurício compare the size of their thighs while Rodrigão showers in the background. Click here to watch it.

And People Think Brazil Is A Very Liberal Country...


In a country in which a gay kiss on national television is still a big taboo and in which we can count in one hand the number of openly gay celebrities, it is only natural that the first person to be eliminated from the eleventh season of Big Brother would be the first transexual woman in the history of the show with a history of prostitution.

It is a shame that Ariadna was sent home last night with 49% of the viewers votes when she was probably the one person in the Big Brother house this season with the power to push people's buttons and to make people think and perhaps reconsider some of their preconceived notions about sexuality.

Big Brother Brazil 11 may have lost its most interesting cast member last night, but on the gay front there are still two men in the house this season, along with a bisexual girl, and now possibly a lesbian as well. Cast member Diana revealed last night after Ariadna's elimination that she prefers to date women, even though she would consider also hooking up with men. It is too bad that the producers of the show don't have the balls to cast two hot gay guys in the same season to see what would develop if they were to hook up.

One Transexual Woman And Two Gay Men In Big Brother Brazil 11


The eleventh season of Big Brother Brazil premiered last week, but since I was away on vacation until this past weekend I hadn't been watching it. Last season there were three openly gay contestants on the show, and the producers decided to top that this season with a transexual cast member who  also used to be a prostitute called Ariadna. Up until last night, she hadn't revealed to any of her cast mates that she is a transexual woman, but given that she is up for elimination tonight, she finally opened up to the two gay men on the show, Lucival and Daniel. Other cast members seem to have suspicions about her sexuality, but no one has brought it up so far.

I haven't become familiar with the cast members this season yet given that I started watching the show last night, but I would love for Ariadna not to be sent home on the first week, so am asking you guys to take the time to vote for either Janaína or Lucival to be eliminated today.

Something To Look Forward To In Big Brother Brazil 11


The cast of the eleventh season of Big Brother Brazil was announced yesterday, and it includes 26-year-old Rodrigo Carvalho as well as a few other hotties like Rodrigão. There is no word yet as to how many of the cast members this season are gay, but I suspect there is certainly more than just one. Rodrigo, btw, has posed naked for a Brazilian gay magazine over two years ago (warning: link nsfw).

Big Brother Brazil 11 starts on January 11.

Gratuitous Underwear Shots




Former Big Brother Brazil contestant Kadu Parga posing for underwear label Mash's upcoming ad campaign.

A Spread With Big Brother Brazil's Eliéser


Former Big Brother Brazil contestant Eliéser expands his gay fand base with a cover spread in the latest issue of gay publication A Capa. View more pictures after the jump.

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