Opening Tonight In Brasília: Glow Lounge



If you read Made In Brazil on a regular basis, you may have seen pictures of the Glow party in Brasília, which started four years ago and is now one of the most talked about parties in the country's capital. This week the boys behind the party are unveiling their latest project, Glow Lounge. The space, which is part of the Espaço Cultural Contemporâneo or  Ecco complex, will operate as a mix of restaurant, bar, and nightclub.

Starting on Monday, April 25, Glow Lounge will be serving lunch from Mondays to Saturdays, and will serve as a bar during the evenings, with a special selection of drinks and appetizers. On Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, the dancefloor will be open and the space will turn into a nightclub, hosting the city's best DJs.

Glow Lounge opens to the public tonight. Knowing how extremely competent the guys behind the project are, I would certainly recommend checking out the place if you are in Brasília.

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When In São Paulo, Have A Drink At Sonique


I used to complain that there were no cool bars or lounges in São Paulo, but I take that back after this past weekend. On Saturday night I went to Sonique for a friend's birthday, and it is everything I have been asking for in São Paulo: a place with impeccable design and great music that I can go to with friends for a drink or two after dinner at 11ish, and be done by 2. If you live in a city like New York, that may seem like the norm, but much of São Paulo's traditional bar culture revolves around draft beer and appetizers on a sidewalk bar in the late afternoon, and the city's nightlife is all about big clubs which you should not even attempt to go to before at least 1 am. Sonique may just be the antidote for that.

Opened since February (don't even ask me why I had not been there yet), Sonique was designed by the much hyped French-Brazilian architects Triptyque, and its decor alone would be worth a trip there. The crowd is mixed, 40% straight 60% gay, and pretty cute. And btw, a new gay party will take over the space on Sunday afternoons starting August 9.

Sonique is located at Rua Bela Cintra, 461.

Picture blatantly stolen from Duda Bairros' Flickr.

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