I Want To Be A Soccer Wife

Just in time for Valentine's Day in Brazil, Caras magazine published pictures of 18-year-old soccer star Alexandre Pato vacationing in the Maldives with his girlfriend actress Sthefany Brito. The kid has put on a six-pack and is developing into the next big merchandising machine a la Cristiano Ronaldo or Kaká.



I see Pato favors the square cut. More pictures at Caras.

Stalking Pato

Caroline Trentini is not the only only jumping these days.


Soccer sensation Alexandre Pato celebrating his goal which led Brazil to victory in the match against Sweden yesterday. Can someone please tell me why L'Uomo Vogue or V Man haven't shot him yet?

Another picture from yesterday's match after the jump.

A Semana: Gay Media, Gisele, Pato, And Naomi's Tumor

Actor Rodrigo Hilbert has been confirmed as the coverboy for the third issue of gay magazine DOM, making him the first straight actor to take the plunge. According to some of my sources, Junior magazine has a hot celeb in store for its fourth cover as well.

Brazil's porn G magazine shut its doors last Friday in São Paulo. The bankrupt publication was bought by Ad Business, which already owns several gay sites. Rumor has it that the entire staff is going to be revamped, and that the magazine will focus on more nudity and less content from now on.

Talking about gay media, check out more hot pictures of Pedro Virgil's Naked For A Cause.

V magazine has an exclusive peek at the images from the YSL spring campaign which haven't been released yet.

Preview images from the new Colcci fall ad campaign with Gisele, which will be unveiled on national magazines next week.

Tom Ford does GQ Russia (with the usual chest hair exposed).

Rising soccer star Alexandre Pato pays a visit to Nike in Beaverton to get some customized kicks.

Naomi was unleashed from the hospital in São Paulo last night, and is already been taken care of by her current Brazilian bf Marcus Elias. She had to undergo surgery over the weekend to remove a tumor. No nurses were harmed during her stay.

Quick note: just got the new Shapeshifters and Jason Nevins mixes for Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love, and they are off the hook.

Dolce, Gabbana, And Pato


Designers Dolce & Gabbana just renewed their contract with soccer team Milan until 2010. To celebrate it, they released a calendar shot by Mariano Vivanco, featuring Brazilian Alexandre Pato on the cover. I told you the kid was going to be major.


Click here to check out the Dolce & Gabbana calendar.


All eyes were on Brazilian Alexandre Pato yesterday, as the new soccer sensation made his debut game for Milan against Napoli. The 18-year-old rose to the occasion, and like a true champion scored the last goal in the match. Kaká and Cristiano Ronaldo better watch out.

Meanwhile, my soccer crush Adriano seems to be getting in shape and recovering from his party boy image. Pictures of him training after the jump.

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