Mr. Porter Does Rio




Online luxury retailer Mr. Porter cashes in on the Rio factor by featuring eight cariocas in its latest portfolio: Luca Bianchi, Marcelo Sebá, Paulo Ferreira, Cello Camolesi Macedo, Luiz Zerbini, Lao de Andrade, Rony Rodrigues, and Dudi Machado. Photographer Marcelo Krasilcic shot the story, and you can read the interviews (and shop the looks) here. And in case you are wondering, Mr. Porter also ships to Brazil.

FYI, this post was not sponsored by Mr. Porter.


what a diverse crowd! interesting how Mr. Porter didn't feel any interest in choosing a non-European as a model..I guess they are really hard to find in Brazil...


Did you actually read the interviews? Are you aware of who any of these people are? They're not 'models' in the general sense ... they're successful entrepreneurs, producers, actors, artists etc...

This is an online clothes retailer [the male version of the giant Netaporter] based in London. It's playing to the very affluent customer base that is Western European, Russian & American.

I don't think you can really blame foreign companies or indeed foreign publications when it comes to showing Brazilian diversity. Brazil itself doesn't export it's diversity to the rest of the world! That's why we have thousands of Gisele/Adriana/Alessandra clones & very few Emanuela De Paula clones.

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