Marlon's Music Video Debut

Marlon Teixeira puts his language skills to the test in Armenian-Bulgarian singer Philipp Kirkorov's new video for Sneg.


he is born to be world super star,and to marry some rich hollywood star,maybe taylor swift or miley cyrus

Even though I can't speak armenian, or bulgarian, or whatever that language is (russian?), I get the concept of the clip.

Just hope Marlon doesn't look as beat up as the singer when he gets older! lol

marlon is too beautiful to look like that singer,i saw a photos of Fillip when he was younger and he does't look like marlon,not even a bit.
btw i saw marlon today in Sampa,omg he is even more beautiful in live.

it's in russian :)

well done, Marlon!

Ew at the Taylor/Miley suggestion.

very beautiful song,and marlon is good in this commercial videos and music spots.
i just saw a diesel fuel for life denim fragrance spots,and he was amazinggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!but i hope it's not true that he's dating his costar from disel,that female model Marloes Horst :(

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