Live From The 2011 Mister Brazil Pageant







Today is the Mister Brazil finals in Angra dos Reis, and we have some exclusive images of contestants Lucas Malvacini, Murilo Rezende, Renan Oliveira, Gustavo Schmitt, Junior Ferreira, and Ramirez Allender having breakfast and hitting the gym.


That is the right place to be in brazil at the you know the name of the hotel?

Hotel do Frade.

What I really want to know is why I was not invited to cover this event. Guess the fact that ALL the judges are women may explain it.

A show of 6 packs, I mean 8 packs.

Women do not care about male beauty as much as men do. Women need security, commitment. Guys care about beauty in other guys. That's what I believe in. Men should have been invited to vote in the conquest. Not only women!

It's must be really really really hard to pick the best out of these men...

@Made In Brazil you're no invited? seriously? i thought these photos were taken at the event by yourself. it's ashamed that they dont invite the man behind the blog that really has been reaching out to people around the world and creating awareness of brazilian fashion. i guess they are just intimidated by your honest opinions on things. but frankly speaking, i think that's what makes your blog so successful, a sincere comment, like when you think certain local editorial is bad, your not afraid to say it in your blog. i like that kind of transparency, hope you'll always keep that in the future.

owh, how i'm looking forward to reading more post about the 2011 mister brazil pageant!

best wishes xx

I think judges SHOULD be mixed cause if ALL men and especially GAY men, then I know who I would pick as soon as they walk in the room :-)...BUTT with some women, some drag queens's a mix and even some STRAIGHT people...put them as judges also!

my pick is the the ORANGE dumbbell guy...OY VEY!..that SMILE of his...and I would take second and THIRD place guys too..cum to NYC and visit!..I am in the MIDDLE of that "sandwich"!!


I, too, think that the panel of judges should be comprised of both men and women. That way brings about the best outcome because each gender has its own criteria of judgment!

The men in these pics are truly, truly gorgeous!!

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