Civil Unions Of Homosexual Couples Approved Unanimously By The Supreme Court In Brazil

Today was a very important, if not the most important, day for gay rights in the country: civil unions of same sex couples were voted in the Supreme Court, and in an unanimous decision of ten votes to zero, civil unions of homosexual couples will be recognized in Brazil, and same sex couples will have the same rights and benefits of heterosexual couples on a federal level. With today's decision, homosexuals in Brazil will be granted over one hundred different rights.

It was incredibly touching to listen to the speeches given by the ministers live this afternoon while following the voting process. It is almost overwhelming to think of the voting today, and what it will mean for the lives of many gay couples in the country, including me and my boyfriend. I am certain that today's voting will have a major impact in the fight against homophobia on many levels as well, and open the door to more changes. Thank you to all the ministers who voted today, not only for your votes but also for your words.

Expect updates later today and tomorrow here and on facebook.


Congratulations! This is wonderful news! I am so happy that Brazil is a leader in civil rights for gays. It is sad that in the United States, we don't have politicians or ministers or judges who are willing to support us. You should be very proud of your country.

Amazing news! The final vote was 10-0 and 1 abstention. The fact Brazil's Supreme Court was nearly unanimous also carries a lot of weight. My partner and I will have to plan a family visit soon in order to recognize our union in my home country!


wow! I love Brasil even more now!!

Congratulations to Brasil for this major step! We wish good fortune to all gay couples in our favourite country!

Não houve abstenção. O Ministro Toffoli não votou porque já havia dado parecer sobre o caso quando era Advogado Geral da União.

Congrats guys...u are way ahead

congrats! progress like this is always good news; too bad it has to be the courts and not the national congress or voters that finally moves things forward

This is awesome. Things are really changing.

Parabens! My partner of almost 32 years who is also my husband of almost two years (we married in Provincetown, Mass. 8/20/09), are working for Marriage Equality in New York State. In fact, while Wills it at work, this retired NYC Public School Educator will be on the 6 AM bus on Monday to lobby in Albany, NY for full marriage equality here in NY State, hopefully this year. It disgusts us no end that we still have to struggle for it here nationwide. Perhaps Wills and I should move to Rio where we discovered family on our honeymoon in Oct 2009 and with whom we stayed during Carnaval 2011.

Brazil should be congratulated for this courageous and uncharacteristic move. Hopefully, this will help get rid of the blatant homophobia of Brazilian society and weaken the influence of the evangelical churches there. Bravo!

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