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Douglas Venhold is already in Brazil for the spring/ summer shows next month in Rio and São Paulo. View more digitals of him after the jump.




Something tells me this boy is going to be pretty big. He is currently represented by François Models in São Paulo.


He has the perfect body. Just perfect. Not too much, not too little. Really beautiful. I agree that he is very promissing.

Boa sorte ao Douglas... que a temporado no Brasil seja de grande sucesso !!!
Potencial é notável que possui e muito.


Something tells me this boy is going to be pretty big (2)

He has lovely thighs. A lot of male models' legs are a little skinny, but his are gorgeous :)

he's hot in a weird way!

he's already big if you know what i'm talking about

and no he's not hot in a weird way he's just HOT HOT HOT

pleaaaaaaaaaase put him in the made in brazil magazine i will CRY tears of joy if this happens :'(

Uh....'Just right, Goldie Locks'...its more like 'promising'.

Vou te mandar umas fotos minhas. =)

The last photo is the best one.

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