Working Out With Model Renato Ferreira

That would have been a lot more motivational if he had done it shirtless, no? Just something to consider for the next one.


Shirtless or not, he is still amazing to watch! Hope he keeps them coming.

I watched the whole thing to see if I could learn anything. But not so much, it's just the regular stuff. I appreciate he has variety in his exercise routine. Some guys are so dumb they arrive at the gym and squat the bench press for one hour and that's their routine. What is it with guys and the bench press anyway? Ugh! I think Renato executes his exercises a bit sloppily though. He has a GREAT body for such a sloppy routine. Great abs, great chest and arms. To finish my rant: I think Renato looks great, fantastically hot even, don't get me wrong, but when I go to a gym in my country (Belgium), I can pick out 5 guys any given day who could equally be models and fit on these pages. Just saying that Brazilian male beauty is a bit of an inflated hype.

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