Volleyball Players Unite Against Prejudice



A week after volleyball player Michael Pinto dos Santos was harrassed at a match by an entire arena and  decided to publicly came out of the closet to speak against homophobia in sports, his team Vôlei Futuro backed his decision to come out by putting together a demonstration against prejudice. With pink balloons waving all over the arena, a massive flag with a message against prejudice, and even rainbow colored uniforms, Vôlei Futuro made history this past Saturday in the fight against homophobia in Brazil.

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I think Michael did a great job in reverting a extremely disgusting situation into something like this. So kudos for him. An example to all the little kids out there.

this is a good message ...its 2011

This is absolutely awesome, I love it!

In the end they won the championship, the guy was hailed as hero and justice was made; I believe things are changing quickly from now on.

Very good response from the team! Brasil has much to be proud of!


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