Two Very Naked Brazilians In Tom Ford's New Beauty Campaign



Max Motta and Mariana Braga in Tom Ford's new beauty campaign. Because Tom Ford loves to get a Brazilian naked.


I don't know which one is skinnier.

I haven't seen those pics of Alex Schultz! O_o

It made my day although it's only 10 am lol

I think the campaign is really well done but it lacks the sex appeal of previous Tom Ford campaigns. It's pretty but not sexy, which kind of sucks in my opinion. In his defence though, the campaign is called 'beauty' rather than 'sexy' - but we all know which one sells better lol.

Thiago is right, but I loved it just the same.

Well, i just love the campaing, and i really do think its sexy, butt in a very good way!
Gotta love tom ford for that, great job!

Max looks like a completely different guy without his usual curls. Compared to some he doesn't get as many column inches here at MIB but he's one of the most consistent Brazilian guys working today ... booking prestigious editorial, campaigns, Milan/Paris shows season after season.

I just wanted to add that Tom Ford is a genius. The movie A Single Man proves it.

Max Motta looks so lovely in this campaign. well done, but not the sexiest. more fun and free than sexy and seductive. :)

What is Tom Ford selling? It is certainly not selling a sexy product (what ever that is) for sexy, fun-loving people nor is it a controversial one. Its more like a public service Mental Health ad for uncontrollable bi-polar people who suffers from anorexic disorder and in dire need of psychological rehabilitation! A very poor ad concept.

Young boys can be naturally thin without being anorexic. Come on, youre too radical.

two anorexics. hot

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