To Get You Through The Weekend: Carlos Freire


Carlos Freire photographed by Andre Brito for underwear label Impetus. Now that has got to be a sock (or two) in there, right? View more pictures after the jump.






Big balls of fire!

his body is saying 'ready'

He's handsome, packed, and quite bronzened! He's "rockin'" to say the least!!!!!!

Oh my god. Carlos is SEX.

Comelier with every passing year! One of the prize [and most prized] Brasileiro models....

To me, he's still #1 Brazilian model...

True, Carlinhos' cup runneth over; he clips his pubes
a bit too short; and perhaps his abs are over-done.

BUT . . . . . . . . he is still the Best of the Best.

He makes many of the lesser beings with their silly
tats and piercings and hirsute excrescences look
somehow shabby and back-alley.

I am not going to say that he makes some of his
competition look like bums. But that is what hovers
in the back of my (dare one say 'demented'?) mind.

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