Testino At His Best



Models.com has a preview of the story shot in Rio by Mario Testino new issue of V Man, featuring Izabel Goulart surrounded by some seriously hot Brazilian boys. Click here for more pictures.


Is this orgy?

lovely...he keeps delivering great photos

Someone placed a skunk on their head? Why? I don't get it, is that some kind of joke?

Throw rocks at me and say I am a hater...however this pictures don't seem new and fresh AT ALL. Love Testinos work and can't deny how talented he is...but this pictures have a deja vu feeling to it. Take a look at Mario de Janeiro and even the campaign he shot with Gisele and Fernanda Tavares for Zoomp way back.
The models still look hot. But he has done that before!

Acho muito uma coisa mais do mesmo. Pra quem tem o livro dele sobre o Rio não tem nenhuma novidade.

Weird hairdos but great pics, Mario Testino is amazing. As much as I like the boys, I'm really all about Izabel on this one. Freaking gorgeous!

@ Luiz Rosa
or the shot he did with Candice in Copenhagen

I took a look at the video, and it was
much too quicky-jerky-blurry to get a
decent view of any thing or any body.

The pix above are much better. They
don't particularly add anything new
to Testino's great canon, but they
are fun to look at.

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