On Her Way To Becoming A Gay Diva

Brazilian pop singer-turned dance diva Wanessa steps up her game by hiring Dave Audé to remix her new single Stuck On Repeat.


quem nasceu pra camargo jamais será beyonce.

She is not a good singer. Trust me.

Even the angelical, immaculate, the eternal virgin Sandy from Sandy and Junior sings better than her. She has no voice AT ALL.

Maria said it all. She can be remixed by God himself, kissed by Madonna and I still wouldn't buy it. She has very little talent, very little punch, very little sass for a gay diva. She obviously has friends in all the right places which clearly has kept her going... How many shows can one do at The Week in a spam of 5 months?! It is starting to look desperate. In my opinion she doesn't have it. At all. And please... 'Wanessa'? How tacky is this name?!

I absolutely died @maria's comment. Its been way overdue for Brazil to have an international pop sensation and she realized the only way to get there is by singing in English. Now...I know the song title is "stuck on repeat" but how many times does she repeat that throughout the song?. All she needs is to find the right producer, the right songs and the right stylist.

She is a perfect singer! if don't, she dont be appear here... if dont, she was only knowed in brazil. Thats all. Listen de song and think yourselfs

Stuck on Repeat is one of the best sounds I ever heard. The Wanessa is very beautiful voice, the voice is reminiscent of Lady Gaga. Wanessa'm your fan, I admire you very much!

she is wonderful

Wanessa... An amazing person with an amazing song. Congratulation. You deserve all the sucess of the world.

Download Free Official: Wanessa - Stuck On Repeat The Remixes.
http://stuckonrepeat.com.br/ #WanessaPopSingerFromBrazil

I Love Wanessa...ela esta se superando a cada dia, dando o melhor de sí, mto boa música, e muito lindo o seu estilo, suas roupas, enfim...I LOVE WANESSA

Wanessa will disappear someday. We just have to wait.

She is not a good singer. Trust me too.

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