It Gets Better, The Brazilian Way

Late last year me and my boyfriend were invited to participate in a national video project inspired by the It Gets Better campaign. Unfortunately we were traveling at the time the testimonials were filmed, but I am happy to see some familar faces in the teaser video for the movie project, which is already out.

The video was directed by André Matarazzo and Gustavo Ferri. I will email them and see if they can also put together a version subtitled in English.

To learn more about the project, visit Não Gosto dos Meninos on facebook.


This is fantastic, I moved to the USA when I was 12 y/o and I remember then in Brazil there were no source what-so-ever related to being "OK" being gay. It was a very scary few years because I knew I was gay and all you see in the news is gay-hate-crimes, gay-hate-jokes, the Brazilian men are very macho and despise any other form of being. I'm blessed to have come to the US because here I found so much help and so much support. I was told that it was ok to be who I was, in school, at work, at home and that was something I would never be able to find when I was in Brazil. It's been 14 yrs that I have moved here. I'm very happy to see that people are finally making an effort to help others understand and feel better about them selves.

Maravilhoso! Eu adoro isso. O Brasil sera - e é - um farol pra a gente gay no tudo o mundo especialmente o mundo crescendo. é sem limites eu acho.

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