Hotter Than The Usual Speedo Sunday


The new issue of Attitude features a sizzling hot story photographed in Rio by Matthias Vriens-McGrath and styled by Frank Strachan. View more images from the spread after the jump. Warning: completely nsfw.







The models featured in the story are Maikel Castro, Diogo Rodrigues, Zaydan Timpani, and Muriel Vilela. All images courtesy of Andrey Tavera and Attitude.


Woof! I love that Maikel Castro is going a little more hard core!

Amazing, hands down

Hi, I want to know the brand of the underwear please.


I´m sorry, but for me this is totally not so fashion.
I mean, as a gay one, I loved these steamy pics, but as a consumer, I thought it was a little grotesque. what with the last pic??

this is much stronger than my café da manhã

I'd like to know what diet Maikel is on, he's definitely grow a lot since his first pictures :D (and I'm not talking about muscles).

Perfect spread of course it's fashion. Let's keep it edgy

This is some very, very "gorgeous stuff!!"

love it!
did you see the entire spread on ?

This is a Hirsute Horror.

Turns my volume to "off."

Yuck in extremis.

Eww. This is gay porn. I wish Matthias Vriens would realise that he's a gay pornographer (a stylish one) and not a fashion photog or persona. Omg, T-shirts with doodles on them you have to pull over your mug so he can run his fingers more easily over your pecs, I'm so excited for his 'project' to hit the stores. Not!

Well...I was turned on LOL. I could honestly care less what brand they were wearing. If the goal was to sell these young men, you got me hook, line, and sinker. If it was to sell those tiny pieces of fabric...F-.

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