You Can Never Go Wrong With Francisco





I can't say that I am a big fan of the Reserva fall 2011 ad campaign, but Francisco Lachowski is so good that he makes up for whatever is lacking in the photography and styling departments. Really happy to see him doing a Brazilian campaign this season.


Well, my prayers were answered! I finally see him holding up a big cock! lol...

No, seriously now, what's going on with that picture? An afro violin player in an oldschool salon, with an incredible handsome guy dressed up in a tablecloth getting a pedi from a woman who seems ready to hit the hood party, while holding a cock?


The photo of the black woman do him a pedi seems a bit racist, I don't wanna be mean or creat controversy but I don't it looks weird

gorgeous as evah...but he shdnt have pucked his eyebrows too much!

nothing racist abt having ur feet pedicured, IMO! would it be better it the woman was asian?

He is PERFECT. I mean it. I know what perfection is. Loved the Boston Terrier. Or was it a French Bulldog?

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