For Those Of You Who Can't Get Enough Of Marlon




New pictures of Marlon Teixeira by Andrea Vecchiato.


Thanks so much, the second picture is stunning.

i can't Get Enough Of Marlon never.i could look at him all the day long

even hotter

brazil made hottest people on whole world,but marlon,he is not from brazil,he is not even from this planet,because such a hot people like marlon doesn't born on this planet.

look at those abs,was he born in gym or something like that?i want a boy who have abs like marlon

OMG unreal unreal unreal

Marlon T is soooooooooooooo stunning, esp. in the second photo in this presentation!!!!

MARLON TEIXEIRA - THE GOLDEN BOY !!! the STANDARD of what a FIT MALE MODEL BODY and FACE should look like. ...

im reaching Edilson-like saturation with Marlon. It's like when you play your favorite song too much and get sick of it. I know there are dozens of more Brasilian male models Made In Brazil can show..

He is my favorite male model...So hot!

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