Brazilian Hotness At Coachella



Models Marlon Teixeira and Alessandra Ambrósio at the A|X Neon Carnival event this past Saturday in Indio, California, celebrating the launch of the limited edition A|X Solar Remix Sunglasses, which are already available online at

Pictures exclusively at Made In Brazil courtesy of Armani Exchange.


two hottest brazilian people together hanging out,it sounds like dream

Lovely, lovable Marlon. I wish I could find him at a party and take a photo like that.

can i just take them both to my home ?:D

she's so beautiful

I want them both!! I would die to see them in an editorial together!

this shouldn't happend never,now after i saw photo of them two together i want to see some editorial,campaign or video of them 2 together.they are such a hot and sexy couple.they would be perfect couple,2 most beautiful brazilan people together,i will dream about that tonight.

I understand Tina's comments about the *straight* couple, but I prefer to fantasize about Marlon with other boys, especially with his buddy Lachowsky. They are actually already buddies in real life, which makes it even easier - and greater.

why does he always looks as if he's smoked a ton of weed?

Marlon Teixeira SEASON !!!!

glad he gave us a peek of his undies!

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