Speedo Break: The 2011 Garoto Fitness Brazil



25-year-old personal trainer Felipe Franco won the title of Garoto Fitness yesterday in São Paulo, beating thirty two other candidates selected from a poll of over two million people across the country.

Watch a video of this year's finalists after the jump.



The winner and the rest of the gang are not my type. They have too much muscle. But it is amazing how ecstatic the winner became when the prize was given.

that's what i like and need: muscles, smooth legs and tanned bodies

What the world needs now is more Brazilians in Speedos!

The winner and the rest of the gang ARE my type...and this includes the majority of the comments. Bravo, Muscles Rules! Although the winner was ecstatic when the prize was given, I see the couple of the losing contestants had the total package...MORE muscles along the looks!

I hope G mag makes him show his goodies.

I have to add that contestant #9 seems to be more beautiful than the winner.

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