Just When I Thought Vogue Brazil Was Starting To Get It Right

Vogue Brazil has done many scary things in the past few years, but the fashion story in the current March issue may have just topped all previous atrocities printed in the magazine.

The cover of the issue with Freja Beha photographed by Henrique Gendre looked promising, but the fashion story that accompanies it is just wrong on every level. The concept (or lack there of) is an editorial previously published in British Vogue shot by Patrick Demarchelier paired with awful pictures of Princess Paola de Orleans e Bragança shot by newcomer Renam Christofoletti. Can someone please tell me what the connection is between the two images that have been paired?





If I were Mr. Demarchelier, I would honestly never allow one of my stories to run in Vogue Brazil again after seeing that. One thing would be to run pictures by Demarchelier next to pictures by Arthur Elgort, but running his pictures next to what is probably the worst work I have seen from Renam Christofoletti is a bit of an insult. And btw, each page has the photographer's name written on the corner as if it isn't obvious which pictures are by Demarchelier. Even my dog can tell the difference.

If there is a positive side to it, though, is that it clearly shows the contrast between the quality of work produced by British Vogue and the work produced by Vogue Brazil. And a tip to the editors, publishing mediocre work next to good work only makes it look even more mediocre.


Paola landed an editorial on Vogue? Wow! How many years it took? Like... 10?

Interessante e realmente a Vogue tem atingido um nível preocupante não mostra Moda mas sim consumo, mas creio que podemos tirar proveito de muita coisa na Vogue, assino Vogue Br e Elle Br e meu blog é sustentado por ambas, adoro as duas, as noticias e as imagens, mas nem por isso deixo de perceber que a cada ediçao esta mais equivocada e fora de contexto... Abraço

An off-topic digression: You mentioned the dog.....which kind of dog do you have? I plan to buy a Boston Terrier!

O lance é simples de se entender. Como tudo no mundinho da moda ou é podre ou é tão seguro de si, o povo da Vogue acha que o que eles fazem é a coisa mais incrível do mundo. Não é! Existem tantas outras revistas de moda, mesmo brasileiras, com idéias mais maduras e mais coerentes do que as apresentadas pela Vogue que, na minha opinião, ficou ultrapassada, datada e tosca.

Isso se vale dessa panela ridícula que fica sugando o máximo de pessoas que não evoluem de seus cargos por terem o famoso conhecimento no meio e acabam fazendo este tipo de cagada. O que falta na Vogue não são idéias, mas sim renovar o pessoal e investir em novas mentalidades para que novas idéias possam fomentar mais livremente. Já dizia a cantora Sarajane: "Vamos abrir a roda, enlarguecer..." ;)

acho que a ideia era justamente essa: fotos perfeitas + fotos mediocres = fotos ok? deve ter sido essa a ideia de jerico da vogue brazil. esta é a segunda vez que, coincidentemente escrevo sobre a imprensa nacional aqui. a coisa tá feia.

It makes me sad to be a Brazilian Photographer and wish i come come back and work in Brazil, but then i come upon editorial work like these (which there are a lot of)... i just spent 3 months in Brazil and did a throughout research on what's being published and was amazed with the lack of taste and creativity. Most fashion stories were boring, safe and badly executed. I agree with you that ffmag! is, by far, the best publication there's in the country right now.

Guys, you are so unforgiving. I can see the discrepancies, bad taste and obvious contradictions in the spread. It was an epic fail, no doubt about it. But remember, there is always hope that something better will be done in the future.

"Well, I, uh, don't think it's quite fair to condemn a whole program because of a single slip-up, sir." . General "Buck" Turgidson in "Dr. Strangelove"

The May issue was shot and edited entirely by Testino with Kate Moss, so hopefully it will be super major and things will pick up and get on track after that.

OMG, I love your take on this - wouldn't add anything. The only plausible explanation I could ever come with is that (as is often the case in Brazil) Renam Christofoletti must be well connected within Vogue Brasil and therefore was allowed to splash his lack of talent (or effort?) all over a major publication without any scrutiny... Sad.

This is hilarious.

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