Book Him ASAP: Anderson Weisheimer


Worked with 17-year-old newcomer Anderson Weisheimer yesterday, and immediately became his biggest fan. He very much reminds me of Evandro when he was younger, and I seriously hope he will be doing the European shows next season because he would fit right in at Raf Simons, Dior Homme, and Lanvin.

Anderson is represented by Oca Models in São Paulo. Picture courtesy of Cristiano Madureira.

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Yes, Yes, I totally agree with you. The boy will have a great career. It is inevitable. He is young, cute, virginal, immaculate, and at the same time he is indisputably masculine. When I see the photo, I have the urge to grab him and get away with him, like in the movie Borat when he grabs Pamela Anderson. My most primitive instincts are activated. :)
I have a request, though: Please post one more foto of him, a profile shot. I think I prefer him with this hairstyle than with the other one (the prince valiant long hair)

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